“Head Start is the national commitment to give every vulnerable child an opportunity to succeed.”

Head Start Child & Family Development Program, Inc., offers high quality child development services to children and families from all backgrounds. Head Start C&FDP,Inc. provides child-focused learning and also comprehensive services to the child’s family. Please visit our enrollment page to learn more about how to apply.

Head Start collaboratively partners with Franklin Public Schools, Sandy Creek Public Schools, Lawrence/Nelson Public Schools, Silver Lake Public Schools, and Red Cloud Public Schools to provide early childhood education to area children.

Head Start makes an immense contribution to the local community.  Through our programs and services, thousands of children have entered school ready to achieve academic success and thousands of families have become self-reliant.

The comprehensive Head Start Child & Family Development program provides a rich learning environment designed to address the child’s nutritional and health needs while stimulating rapid growth in physical coordination, self-esteem, pre-reading skills and math and science. Children have access in their classrooms to the latest technology and become familiar at utilizing them as learning tools.

Our educational guidelines adhere to the highest standards in early childhood education anywhere.

Head Start also addresses the needs of the child’s family, encourages parents to become involved in their child’s education and helps them achieve self-reliance.

Our agency was designated as the Nebraska Center of Excellence by the Governor.

View Our Programs & Services
View Our Programs & Services